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Why is golf so hard for beginners?

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In life, we often group things to be difficult and others easier. While some things are truly more difficult than some other things, at the end of the day, there are mostly things that we can do and things that we can’t do. This is because several things that we would consider easy are very difficult for others and several things that others will consider difficult are very easy for us. Hence, when we are starting to learn about something that we are not familiar with initially, it will only be normal that it would be difficult. The same applies to learning how to play golf.

Golf is a game that entails using a club to guide a ball across a long distance to a hole. In theory, it might look very easy to play golf. However, the different techniques required to play golf and the distance through which the ball will be moved to get to the hole could make it difficult. The major reason why golf is often hard for beginners is that they make a lot of mistakes. Golfers are mostly taught what to do without being told how to avoid basic mistakes that could make their golfing difficult. This article will discuss mistakes that beginners make when playing golf that makes playing golf look difficult. Avoiding mistakes is expected to make golfing very easy.

items that you will need

Not reading reviews

As a golfer, there are many items that you will need to get that could include the golf ball, a club, and golf gears among others. When you do not read reviews, you might not know the best type of club, ball, or gear that you should get. The implication is that you could get the wrong equipment. Even for experts, using the wrong equipment could make it difficult for them to play at their best. The implication is that newbies will face unwarranted challenges and hardship playing golf that would not have been there if they were using the right equipment. You can read reviews about what golf equipment to get on including reviews about Golf Avenue to be able to know the right golfing equipment to get as a beginner. You might also get some tips from other people that will help you avoid hardships when learning to play the game.

 High teeing off the ball

Another mistake that beginner golfers make is trying to place the ball as high up as possible on their tee peg. They believe that when they do this, it will be easier to get hit the ball to move in the air. The disadvantage of this is that when you have placed the ball very high, it becomes very difficult to correctly hit the ball. Hence, you might want to start playing the ball from the ground until your aim is good enough, then you can consider practicing with tees.

Problems with the club

Newbies to golf can sometimes have problems gripping the club properly. In some cases, they hold the club too tight. This could be that they are trying to avoid a situation where the club will slip out of their hands when they swing. However, holding the club too tight can be counter-productive as completely turning the shoulder could become difficult, hence the player will lose fluidity and power. Hence, while it is important not to hold the club too lightly, it is also important not to hold it too tightly. You should check out the 3 grip types, which include baseball style, interlocking, and overlapping so that you can choose the one you prefer and is most comfortable with.

Not being realistic

As a beginner, you don’t expect to start getting the results experts to get immediately. You should not also set unrealistic goals. While you should set goals and be competitive, make sure they are goals that are great for a beginner. You should also avoid playing with incorrect tees because you are trying to reach your goal. In some cases, you will find out that it is best to play off the forward tees.

Very hard-swinging

The distance between the golf ball and the target hole is very large. Hence, you want to quickly get to the hole by hitting the ball as hard as possible so that it would go as far as possible. This might seem like a great strategy in theory, but practically, it could be a bad move if you can’t implement superb rhythm. When you are a beginner, it could be worse as the ball might go in the wrong direction. You should also note that the hardest hit does not necessarily imply more distance when it comes to playing golf.

Use of wrong clubs

When you use the wrong club, it will be difficult for you to achieve your aim. Hence, you should try to invest in a good golf club even as you are starting. Even if you get good at using the wrong club, transiting to the right club might become difficult. Hence, it is best to just start with the right club so that once you are good enough with the right club, you won’t be forced to unlearn and relearn with a different club later.