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How Far Out Can You Catch Sailfish?

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The Treasure Coast of Florida is perfectly suited to offshore fishing, looking out towards the Gulf Stream. The Sunshine State is home to a huge number of pelagic game fish, including Sailfish. These acrobatic Billfish frequent the area thanks to Sailfish Alley, an underwater passageway. Today we will show you how one trip to Sailfish Alley could turn into an unforgettable experience in angling.

Is there a Sailfish Alley?

Sailfish Alley runs along the Treasure Coast and connects Fort Pierce to the north and West Palm Beach to the south. You have 60 miles to explore almost every fishing technique you can imagine. Although they may not grow as large as the Sails in Costa Rica or Mexico, these Billfish make up for it with their sheer numbers and fighting spirit.

Anglers smiling on their boats with the sailfish they caught

The best part? Sailfish Alley is a great place to visit. Unlike other places that require you to travel hundreds of miles offshore, there are dozens of these little guys swimming right in front of your nose. It’s no wonder that Sailfish was named Florida’s state fish.

Stuart, the Sailfish Capital of the World is the best place to begin your hunt. You can reach Sails in just half an hour by heading south from St. Lucie Inlet. There are many other fishing towns that you can set off from. Sailfish anglers have many options. These include Jupiter, Fort Pierce, and West Palm Beach.

Sailfish Alley, in its southern part, is closer to the shore than it is up north. The fishing spots are located just 3 miles from the coast. Sailfish Alley is closer to the coast as you travel up, but it’s still within 10 miles.

There are plenty of fishing guides who have experience in the area, as you might imagine. They are more likely to see Sailfish in one season than any other guide in five so it’s safe to assume that they know how you land one.

Why Sailfish Alley

The Gulf Stream’s proximity is what Florida’s Treasure Coast owes its vast offshore wealth. The Gulf Stream, a warm-water Atlantic current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico, is something many people don’t know. It is like a river running through the middle of an ocean. This river brings warm water up Florida’s east shore every winter.

View of Florida’s Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast is enriched with nutrients by the Gulf Stream as it travels. The warm water stream mixes with the denser, cooler water to create what anglers call a “color shift.” This is because the colder, nutrient-rich waters are moving below the warmer stream. These nutrients are available to plankton which then feeds bait fish like herring and sardines.

Clear winter days are often clear enough to see the Gulf Stream moving through the inshore waters. The bright indigo-blue hues are a striking contrast to the green waters close to shore. Sailfish love to swim in the temperature zone where bait fish are found. This makes it a feast Sails can’t refuse.

However, Sails are not only in season during winter. These parts also have a great summer bite.

When is Sailfish Best to Catch

There are slight seasonal differences depending on where you live on the Treasure Coast. But one thing is certain: Sailfish fishing in winter is spectacular. The Gulf Stream is at its peak from November to February and Sails can be seen gliding through Sailfish Alley as if it’s July Fourth.

Sailfish are most active after cold fronts. This is why anglers often decide to wet their lines. This is when schools of bait fish migrate to the south and Sails follow them.

The last decade has seen a dramatic improvement in summer Sailfish populations. Sailfish populations have seen a significant increase due to stricter regulations and the increased popularity of catch-and-release fishing. Sailfish fishing has seen a huge boom in recent years. Anglers can now catch these fish during the middle of summer!

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