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Best place for outdoor climbing in Canada.

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Exploring the outdoor life is what everyone wants to enjoy regardless of where they are.  Outdoor activities are well known to improve one’s state of mind as well as one’s well-being Activities like hiking, skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, sky diving, parachuting is fun-filled to partake in. When it comes to outdoor climbing, Canada has numerous amounts of spots and places to be.

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Canada offers some of the best climbing locations you would love to visit whether you’re going on vacation or just going on a tour. Rock climbing which is an example of outdoor climbing is a fascinating activity you would not want to miss as you can get the chance to explore the mountains and catch breathtaking views. If you are planning to go outdoor climbing in Canada, here are some places to look out for.

1. Squamish

Squamish remains one of the best places to go for outdoor climbing in Canada. Squamish often is referred to as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”

Squamish is a top-rated attraction spot as it attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Squamish portrays a picture of huge granite cliffs hanging steeply above the dark ocean waters of Howe-Sound.

It has a multi-pitch climb and is a 2000-foot monolith that rises above the town. The best time to visit Squamish is from May-October. No matter your skill level of climbing, Squamish promises to be a place that will create colourful memories in your mind.

2. Bugaboos

The Bugaboos is located in British Columbia, towards the north-western extreme of the Purcues. The Bugaboos have several amounts of internationally recognized rock-climbing routes. The Bugaboos has an elevation of 3,412m which is equivalent to 11, 194ft, it is the best alpine trad climbing in Canada and it is consists of three distinct granite peaks.

Although the Bugaboos may be difficult to access as the classic routes can get busy, but it promises to be a mind-blowing adventure as you climb it. Whether you are a novice, beginner or expert in climbing, the Bugaboos is still a place for you. The best time to visit the Bugaboos is from Late June to September

3. Baffin Island

When it comes to outdoor climbing, Baffin Island is known for having big wall climbing. The Baffin mountains have a height reaching about 2,146 meters which is equivalent to 7,041ft above sea level. It is highly advisable for only experts to climb this mountain, you should go there with a strong group.

The images of the mountain are mind-blowing as they will create unforgettable memories in your mind. If you plan on visiting the Baffin mountains, you’d better do that around mid-June to mid-August

As rock climbing is an interesting activity to partake in, it is necessary to practice them with your safety pieces of equipment. You should go along with your helmet, carabinier, rope, climbing harness, Ice axe, climbing shoe, sling, figure 8, bouldering mat and others. With these pieces of equipment, your outdoor climbing experience will be safe and enjoyable.